How Does a Tax Attorney Defend a DUI Case?

IRS Audit Defense Attorney Services

When taxpayers are under the scrutiny of an IRS audit, it is very likely they will contact an IRS audit defense attorney. This type of attorney represents their client in a court hearing before the IRS to attempt to prevent the Internal Revenue Service from determining tax liability or assets that must be surrendered in the face of the audit. The primary role of an audit defense attorney is to protect the rights of their client and argue the appropriate venue for the audit’s resolution. They should know that most IRS actions result in a tax lien being placed on a liable party’s future property sale or any other type of financial transaction. There is nothing a tax lawyer can do to prevent this process from happening; however, with proper representation a taxpayer may be able to avoid the impending audit and penalties which may result from it.


Taxpayers interested in a prompt resolution to their IRS audit may wish to consider utilizing the services of a tax lawyer. Though it is generally not wise to attempt to represent oneself in a legal proceeding as one is not properly equipped to do so. Instead, hiring a tax audit defense attorney can offer taxpayers peace of mind and a better chance of avoiding the potentially costly audit results. In most cases, an audit is a clear-cut decision; therefore, any delay in engaging a tax lawyer can jeopardize the audit’s resolution and outcome. If you are looking for skilled tax lawyer, check out Defense Tax Partners website at¬†for guidance and Free Consultation!


A competent tax lawyer will not only be aware of applicable law regarding audits, but will also know which tactics are most likely to result in the best possible outcome. The IRS auditor is not a jack-of-all-trades. He/she must understand the technical and legal basis of the tax code, as well as the complex mechanics of revenue laws which apply to his case. If the tax analyst has a question about the audit process which he/she does not understand, the tax lawyer may be able to assist in explaining it to the tax auditor.


Often times, the IRS auditor will make errors in the calculations they make while carrying out their calculations. An expert in such tax issues will be able to help the client obtain the most accurate presentation of his/her financial records to the auditor. An audit specialist is not “out to find” unpaid taxes or delinquent payments. The objective of the audit is to ferret out any potential error in the calculation and/or collection of taxes. It is the responsibility of the tax lawyer to thoroughly review all of the client’s records and present any data that will support the client’s argument.


In some instances, the client may choose to have tax advice with regard to a deficiency judgement, which is an action taken by a taxpayer in response to an audit. A tax lawyer has the expertise to discuss such matters before he has any evidence of a deficiency judgement. In addition, the lawyer may be able to advise the client on how to avoid future audits. Because tax attorneys are knowledgeable about all the applicable laws, they are often called upon to defend their client against any frivolous IRS audit claim.


Some people believe that an audit is justified if the IRS has made a mistake in the calculation involved in the tax return. As long as this error was made legally and was discovered timely enough by the audited entity, then it is irrelevant what the taxpayer’s personal or financial situation is at the time the error was made. The IRS can only make a determination about an audit if it has enough evidence to justify it. In order to convince the IRS that your case is valid, a competent tax lawyer must show the IRS probable cause to believe that the taxpayer’s financial records do not support the internal revenue code requirements on which the audit is based. The IRS auditor must also be able to establish that the taxpayer has failed to prepare his/her financial records in a proper manner for compliance with the internal revenue code.

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